Customer Testimonials

“ITEC’s engaging methods for training us to behave differently as a corporation moved everyone from the senior executive staff to our junior factory personnel. They did more than transform our company and save us from certain financial failure, they transformed the lives of our people, and that includes me.”

-Director of Global Business Improvement, Food Safety High Tech Manufacturer


“We had thousands of validations to complete. Using a traditional approach this would have taken us over 10 years, but using the ITEC cellular approach it took us less than 10 months. “

-VP of Quality, Medical Device Manufacturer


“ITEC helped us build a master validation plan and resource platform to validate almost 2500 tests, tools and processes, and all validations were completed ahead of schedule.”

-Distinguished Engineer, Life Sciences Company


“With this approach we completed our IQ’s 8 times faster than in our normal internal system, and software validations were done over 20 times faster.”

-Senior Quality Engineer, Medical Device Manufacturer


“Before we started working with ITEC we were validating 5 tools per month, now we are validating over 140 per month.”

-R&D Sustaining Engineer, Medical Device Company


“In the past it could have taken weeks to process a single ECR, but ITEC helped us standardize the ECR and PCS process allowing us to process hundreds of ECR’s per week.”

-Manufacturing Support / PCS, Medical Device Manufacturer


“Using the cellular approach, we were able to integrate inline approvals for R&D, Regulatory and Quality. Approvals that often took months in the past can now be done in hours.”

-Regulatory Affairs, Life Sciences Company


“This new approach taught us to be more efficient and it improved our overall performance and culture.”

-Manufacturing Director; Life Sciences Company


“We have applied the tools ITEC taught us, to steer the future of our business. Today our plant is in full compliance and our gratitude goes to the ITEC team for leading us through this journey.”

-Plant General Manager, Medical Device Company


“The ITEC leadership team is as comfortable in the boardroom as they are working with the guy sweeping the floor. They are strategic thinkers that are successful 100% of the time regardless of circumstances. They raise the game of those around them. They are 10 steps ahead of everyone in the room, regardless of the audience, but they have a knack for not making everyone else feel 10 steps behind.”

-President, Global Equipment Manufacturer

ITECompliance is a division of Integrated Technology Edge Corporation .